Financial Literacy for College Students

Whether you're a new college student or a working adult going back to school, the financial choices you make now can affect your life for decades.

Financial Literacy 101 helps you make sense of financial knowledge and apply it to your life with a personalized plan. And if you're not sure where to start, interactive assessments will help you uncover your financial goals, opportunities, and any blind stops that could stand in your way. Financial Literacy 101 is always provided at no charge to students through your college, university or related organization.

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Making a Financial Plan

Most students live busy lives, so Financial Literacy 101 helps you make the most of every visit. Through your personalized Financial Literacy 101 account, you'll build a portfolio of achievements encourage smart financial decision-making.

  • Get objective feedback on your money knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, assess your risk of identity theft, learn about your financial personality, plus more.
  • Complete online courses designed by your college or university.
  • Create a monthly spending plan and compare it with your actual spending.
  • Measure your financial health over time with our financial check-up assessment.
  • Set financial goals and track your progress with our interactive checklist tool.
  • Create a notebook linked to topics that are most relevant to you (or that you have questions about).
  • Calculate the cost of financing a car, borrowing for higher education, buying a home, or paying off credit card debt.

Learn with Financial Literacy 101 at any time and from any device, including tablets and smart phones.

Financial Literacy Courses

A student using the Financial Literacy 101 website.Financial Literacy 101 courses are interactive experiences that could include multimedia, textual resources, quiz / survey questions, and personalized financial assessments.

The very best education comes from those who know you best, so each school can customize money management courses for students using our content and their content. Select courses include:

Woman looking at several forms on a table with her hand on a calculator.

Budget Basics

From setting goals to paying off loans, the basics of effective budget management.
Person handing car key to another person.

Buying a Car

From choosing a make and model to financing a purchase, topics every consumer should understand when buying a car.
Pencil eraser taking the t off the word Debt

Dealing with Debt

What to consider if you're in trouble with debt, from creating a debt reduction plan to your rights when dealing with debt collectors.
Kid on a bike heading down a long road. Word START is next to boy.

Financial Basics

This course covers the basic concepts required to effectively manage money while in college.
Coach Writing Play on Chalkboard

Financial Planning

What you need to know to start making a long-term financial plan, from getting married to planning for retirement.
Smiling African American baby without a shirt looking forward.

Having a Baby

A look at the financial challenges of raising a child.
Hand picking up dropped wallet with another person walking away.

Identity Theft

An overview of identity theft, including strategies for preventing it and what to do if it happens to you.
Close-up of a credit card.

Managing Credit

Credit reports and scores, credit vs. debit cards, reading your credit report, plus more.
Young man dressed in cap and gown with $ tag hanging as a tassle.

Managing Student Loan Debt

An introduction to student loan repayment choices and strategies. Visit the Library for in-depth coverage of repayment plan options.
Graduation Cap on top of $100 bill

Paying for College

The basics of financial aid, including the types of aid, applying for aid, borrower responsibilities, and repayment strategies.
Arrow going upward over increase amounts of stacked bills.

Saving and Investing

Why and how to invest, including how to save money now.
Sillouette of two children walking under parents' arms raised as an archway with sun setting.

Understanding Insurance

Understanding the common types of insurance, including auto, renters, health, plus more.
Young African American man in gray suit, sitting, hand on chin, looking at us.

Workplace Transition

An introduction to key financial and workplace skills needed for a successful transition from school to work.

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