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Dealing With the Loss of a Job

This week addresses the feelings and emotions that come with losing a job and provides actionable steps to take when a job loss happens.

How to Navigate The Experience of Being Unemployed

Introduction to "Dealing With Loss of a Job" Week.

The Emotional Stages of a Job Loss

How a job loss affects us psychologically -- and why the power of these effects might surprise you.

Highly Effective Strategies for Job Seekers

How to immediately jumpstart your job search.

How to Budget When You're Newly Unemployed

A review of some smart budgeting tips to follow in the wake of a job loss.

The Emotional Side of Job Loss

Losing a job can be devastating - here's how to respond.

Keeping Engaged When Unemployed

How to stay busy and focused during a difficult transitional period.

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Last Week @ Financial Literacy 101

Savings Strategies For a Large Purchase

Specific strategies for saving for large purchases like a new appliance or a special trip.

Saving Strategies for a Large Purchase

The key to saving for a large purchase is to make a plan. This article addresses how to make such a plan.

Save for a Large Purchase or Finance It?

The key when deciding to save or finance for a large purchase is to know all the facts to make informed and responsible decisions.

A Splurge Account Can Save Your Marriage!

By setting away money to be used as a couple or as individuals (or both), a couple can enjoy spending money on frivolities without worrying about the other person or other expenses.

Simple Ways to Save on Everyday Items

Knowing when to shop for certain items (especially big ticket items) can help you save thousands each year on regularly used items.

Simple Ways to Make Extra Money

Strategies for generating some extra income; on both a short or long-term basis.

Challenge of the Week: "Find Money to Save"

Tips for finding money right now to save! Go try it.

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