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Investing Strategies

A review of some tried and true investing strategies for the new investor.

Great Investing Option for Skittish Investors

Dollar cost averaging is a great option for protecting yourself against market fluctuations.

The Challenge of Buying and Holding Stocks

A solid buy and hold strategy can work in building future wealth, but also can tax the nerves of the less experienced investor.

Investing Tips for Each Decade of Your Life

Learning how to strategize your investments throughout your adult life can help make the process easier, as well as more beneficial.

Financial Gurus: Advice or Entertainment?

Today’s financial gurus are experts and entertainers.  Once you understand that, you can use what they have to say to navigate your own path down the road of financial freedom.

Pay Yourself First and Make It Automatic

By committing to pay yourself first with regular automatic deposits, you can achieve your goals with long lasting results.

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Last Week @ Financial Literacy 101

Avoiding Common Financial Pitfalls

Each stage of life brings new financial responsibilities and challenges. Let's take a look at some common financial pitfalls people experience in each decade.

Each Decade Can Bring New Challenges

An outline of some of the most common financial mistakes made by adults in each decade - from your 20's through retirement.

Common Financial Mistakes People Make in their 20s

Credit, Loans and Moving Out, Oh My: Common Financial Mistakes People Make in their 20s

Financial Blunders Common to People in Their 30s

Failing to Plan: 4 Financial Blunders Common to People in Their 30s

Common Financial Mistakes People Make in their 40s

Underfunded Retirement, Accidental Overspending, and More: Common Financial Mistakes People Make in their 40s

Avoiding Financial Mistakes in Your 50s and 60s

From starting Social Security too early to slowing down on savings, common financial mistakes can reduce retirement earnings.

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

Are you Making These Common Retirement Financial Mistakes?

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