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Person handing car key to another person.

Buying a Car

A car purchase is a high-stakes deal for just about anyone. This week, we'll cover strategies for finding the best car and successfully negotiating the best overall price.

A “Slow” Approach to Car Buying

Turn the tables in your favor by taking a deliberate approach to car buying.

Researching Your Options

Information is king when making car-buying decisions.

Financing a Car Purchase

If your income and credit score qualify, banks, credit unions, and other lenders will lend you money to buy just about any car. But just because you can afford a purchase doesn’t mean you should.

Negotiating Your Purchase

There are three steps to effectively negotiating the purchase of your car: setting a target price, negotiating the price with the dealership, and avoiding high profit dealer extras that give back the gains your negotiating skills rightfully earned.

Avoiding Surprises

One common way for dealers to increase their profit (and your cost) is to install add-on equipment to the car without your consent, charge extra fees, and try to sell you an extended warranty. These extras are typically either optional or negotiable.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Car

Learn from the mistakes of others so it doesn't happen to you.

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Last Week @ Financial Literacy 101

Investing Strategies

A review of some tried and true investing strategies for the new investor.

Great Investing Option for Skittish Investors

Dollar cost averaging is a great option for protecting yourself against market fluctuations.

The Challenge of Buying and Holding Stocks

A solid buy and hold strategy can work in building future wealth, but also can tax the nerves of the less experienced investor.

Investing Tips for Each Decade of Your Life

Learning how to strategize your investments throughout your adult life can help make the process easier, as well as more beneficial.

Financial Gurus: Advice or Entertainment?

Today’s financial gurus are experts and entertainers.  Once you understand that, you can use what they have to say to navigate your own path down the road of financial freedom.

Pay Yourself First and Make It Automatic

By committing to pay yourself first with regular automatic deposits, you can achieve your goals with long lasting results.

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